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At what point do we seek help?

ConfusedDone correctly, changing jobs can be a smooth and painless process.

Done incorrectly, changing jobs can have a devastating impact on one’s finances, lifestyle and stress levels.  So at what point does someone seek assistance to ease the painful areas?

Does it come down to cost? “I’m not paying someone to wordsmith a document that I can do myself and get my friends to look over.  I could save myself a few hundred dollars that way.”


“I’m good with people.  I don’t need anyone telling me how to use ‘soft skills’ when talking one on one.  I do this on a regular basis and why would I pay anyone to do this.  In fact, how could they help me?  I’m me!”

Most people go through this thought process – even I did exactly the same.

The best time to get assistance with writing a CV is before you start testing the waters, because once you send someone a version of you, that’s the picture they have of you and that is what they will use to form an opinion of you and the associated salary range.

The 2nd best time to seek quality help is after you have tried on your own and not succeeded.  If after five applications you haven’t won an interview, there is something wrong with your application.

The best time to get assistance with promoting yourself at a job interview is before you lose opportunities.

The 2nd best time to seek quality help is after you have tried on your own and not succeeded.  If after two interviews you haven’t won the job, then there is something wrong with the way you come across to an employer.  The main issue here is that there are literally hundreds of ways we lose job opportunities at the interview.  If you go from one interview to the next, making the same mistake (but not realising it is a mistake), this costs you dearly, not only in time, but potential wages you could have earned.  In this instance, time does equal money.

How much money do you want to lose before getting quality help?  At some point financial sense says to spend some money to make money.

When there are between 100-200 people applying for every advertised job, every advantage you can get will be worth your time and money.

Don’t leave it until your confidence is deflated and money and time is of the essence.  Call us on 1300 366 104, or email and see how quickly we can help you.

The good thing is that those that get help early, wonder what the fuss is all about.  For those struggling with gaining employment, don't let your pride get in the way of supporting your family.  Call us now.

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