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Kristie, thank you, the CV's have exceeded my expectations. Didn't realise that the things that I just thought of as "Just doing my job" actually mean something.  Ben J

Benjamin J

I'm very happy with the completed CV as I have applied for three roles and have obtained interviews for all three.  Can't ask for more than that.  Thanks LO 

Luke O

Just letting you know I have received four job interviews from the first four companies I sent my CV to. I'll let you know how I get on. Thanks heaps. Chris

Chris B

Kristie, it is perfect. Interview is next week, wish me luck. Thank you for your efforts. Also working weekends, public holidays and after hours. You are a professional. Jules

Julie M

You completed my CV for me several months ago and I'm happy to report it's been fantastic!  I've had so much great feedback from prospective employers, in some instances I've been told it's the best CV they have ever seen.   Troy G

Troy G

I thought I was good at writing my CV but that is a whole new level. Worded perfectly. It described my personal level of professionalism almost perfect. I will be attending courses over the next two months but with instruction I will add these in. Thanks again for a job well done. Regards David S

David S

G'day Karen and Kristie,  I would like to thank you both for your help generating my CV (I know it was short notice) and career assistance.  Your professionalism and expertise helped me to secure new employment on my first interview.   Cheers, RD

Ron D

Thank you very much for the resume and supporting documentation. Your help with the process and the timely and efficient manner it was prepared in was fantastic. I will definitely let the others in my position know of the quality of service.  Daniel H

Daniel H

A month or two after I had landed the role, one of the bosses took me aside and told me that the CV you had done up was like nothing they had seen before and was definitely instrumental in gaining me the position.  I then had to live up to all those generous words ha ha ... The role is very challenging, but I like that and am quite happy with where I am.  Hope all is well on your end too.  Cheers and thanks,  Mark T

Mark T

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you all for your assistance in arranging my professional resume. It's more than I could have hoped for. I thought I had a good CV before but the quality of the CV that was written for me just shows that I didn't really know the best way to promote my skills. There were many skills I didn't realise I had or achievements I didn't realise I'd achieved until I received it all laid out in the CV from Kristie. It's one less pressure off my shoulders as it's quite stressful job seeking and trying to organise financial matters prior to leaving the military. Thanks again and all the best to you all.  Jess B

Jess B

Hi Kristie, Just thought I'd let you know I have been given two jobs …so thanks for your great help. I am sure my CV was a huge part of getting to the interview. Thank you very much for your great writing.  Without you guys, I would have been lost trying to get my profile across the line!  Dana A

Dana A

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the CMP team for all your assistance with my job application. Of the 267 applicants I managed to win the job and they were so impressed with the CV and Criteria that they have asked to keep a copy as a reference to what it should look like. I cannot thank CMP enough and I have handed out as many business cards on your behalf as I can. Thankyou again. Jack H

Jack H

Hi Kristie, Thanks for the email last week with the attached draft of my CV. I was absolutely stocked with the way you have used the info I provided and collated into a CV with a lot of impact. I've answered (highlighted in red) the question you raised in the first draft. Please advise if this is sufficient or if you require further. Once again thank you for your efforts. Regards Rohan

Rohan R

Thanks Kristie on the CV!! Great job with it, especially with the limited info I provided.... I may add my work experience during my time here in Sweden and a few other bits and pieces (you can tell me if you think there relevant or not?) in the coming days, but yeah thanks for the Great CV!! I really appreciate your time and effort....Many Thanks!  Glenn

Glenn C

Paul, I really liked the end product. I have no idea how Kristie managed so much from the info I gave her. I loved the way she worded and reworded passages. I especially like the way she has put into words my consultancy work. I have always struggled how to promote this, without it being seen as me just swapping roles every so many months. The way Kristie worded this aspect was great. I especially liked how she didn't put in company names, but rather referred to their industry. Tamara

Tamara S

Thank you Kristie. I am seriously impressed by what you've put together. I didn't expect so much information in such a small read. Your "key words", were something I have never given serious thought to. The last CV I had was below par to this and even what I expected. Once again thank you and when I get more qualification I will E-mail them for further updating. Regards Shaun

Shawn M

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