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With 400+ Million users, Linked-In is highly rated as one of the best tools for job seekers and LinkedIn_online_300_nwmemployers.  However with so many Linked-In Profiles, how does one get noticed in such a huge crowd?

Linked-In is a great way to find opportunities in the Hidden Job market – that is, jobs advertised before they are publicly advertised.  Linked-In Profiles are becoming increasingly more popular for professionals in the workplace.

Being a professional in your trade isn’t a requirement to be on Linked-In.  If you are a team leader in your field, then we highly recommend you set up your Profile.

But simply having a Linked-In Profile doesn’t guarantee getting access to more job opportunities.  Your Profile must work for you.  It must be discoverable by employers and recruiters searching within Linked-In.  So the information you have listed within your Profile must align to the type of job you want to be contacted about.

This is again the exact same philosophy we teach when writing your CV.  The typical default is to give a summary of your entire career history, because there is room to do that.

Key Areas

Here are some key areas that your Profile must include:

  • A nice, natural, but professional photo.  People like to see real people.
  • A headline that includes your desired job title, as well as your keywords - e.g., “Product Manager with IT Software expertise” (since the headline is the next thing they see after your photo and name).
  • Have the right Key Words for employers to see your Profile, for the right reasons.
  • It is a professional platform, so don’t use personal names and email addresses as you would in your Facebook account.
  • Be active on relevant Groups to not only show your interest, but also demonstrating your expertise by your contributions to forums.
  • Connect with others on Linked-In. This not only shows your network size, but it also allows more people to be introduced to you.

Click the Linked-In Assistance button to have someone contact you about setting up or refining your Linked-In Profile.

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