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As your written application is your marketing tool and your very first impression with an employer. 2 Written AppsIt is critical that what you send them, actually opens doors, not closes the door for you.  A targeted CV is the most effective 'first impression' you can use.

It needs to be succinct, punchy and is interesting to them.  This is where the challenge lies for most job seekers.  Most people can make a CV succinct - they just remove most of the words and then it is very short.  Making it punchy requires some good writing skills to hit the right key words they want to see.  Lastly, it needs to be interesting to them.  And this area is where most people flunk - they don't take the time and effort to create a targeted CV for the reader.

Why this format?

The CV format has been developed through regular feedback with a range of HR and Hiring Managers.  With this, we ensure your targeted end product produces results in this competitive job market, which has been successful in helping people win jobs earning over $250k.  It works for all levels, across all industries, because it is all centred around what the employer is specifically looking for.  It is structured in four parts:

  • Targeted Career Overview section (the key to your success).
  • Work History.
  • Education.
  • Referees.

The best CV is one that:

  • Looks visually appealing.
  • The words are succinct and punchy.
  • It doesn’t offer too much information (that allows the employer to be biased against you).
  • The information is presented in the order the employer wants to see it - to quickly decide if you’re worth interviewing or not.

Lets Us Do It For You

That is where this service is perfect for you.  We will target your CV for you.  We will make it succinct (but not too short), punchy (using the right key words) and we will target it to the job you're trying to win.

If you're time-poor, or want to make sure you send the best version of you there is, click the 'Get Started' button below and we'll get the targeted CV process underway.

When you get it right and use it properly, your targeted CV will almost always get you an interview.

We also assist with Linked-In profiles, CV updates, Cover Letters and Selection Criteria.

Click the 'Get Started' button below to get your best 'First Impression Marketing Tool', that can add thousands to your starting salary.

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