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Partners of Defence members are such an important aspect to the total well being of the military family unit.  We have Defence partners as part of our team, therefore we recognise the unique challenges that come with being a Defence partner and constantly applying for jobs.  As such we offer tailored, professional employment services to help you become more confident and never have a mental blank again.  Break out of the pack and elevate your success rate.

  • Are you recognised as a Defence spouse?
  • Have Defence relocated you (or about to) to a new posting locality?

If you answered yes to these questions then you meet the criteria for government funded employment assistance (Defence PEAP).  This assistance can be accessed (from the time the posting is issued, up to 12 months after your removal) every time you post to a new location.


Defence offers funding through the Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP)

From 1 July 2017, the Defence PEAP Program will provide funding towards initiatives to assist partners with the immediate difficulties of finding employment when the member is relocated on posting.

In each posting location, Defence partners can apply for up to $1500 funding to access the following employment-related initiatives:

  • Mandatory fees for professional re-registration required when moving interstate under state or territory legislation.
  • Professional employment services including:
    • Development of a personalised Résumé and/or Résumé coaching.
    • Identification of and targeting your transferable skills.
    • Employment options and job placement advice.
    • Job search techniques and strategies.
    • Development of an online employment profile.
    • Written Application and Selection Criteria assistance.
    • Preparation and presentation coaching for interviews.

How to apply for Defence PEAP:

  • To access our tailored Defence Partner services to assist in your job change, please read the PEAP guidelines before completing the PEAP application form. Our written quote must accompany your application.
  • Please anticipate that it may take a minimum of 28 days from receipt of a completed application (including attachments) for an assessment to be made. You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application.
  • To receive a quote, or to speak with one of our trained Defence partners about how we can help you achieve job success quicker, call us on 1300 730 776. Alternatively complete the call back form below and we'll contact you.

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