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The Government Jobs step of the job Accelerator Program has two videos (Public Service application essentials and Differences between private and public interviews), plus a comprehensive document with templates, checklists and further guidance.  But when applying for a Government job, you must approach it differently than you would a private sector job.


Listen to the "Public Service Application Essentials" video intro

Listen to the "Differences between private and public interviews" video intro

Government jobs are traditionally seen as a safe, secure place where you can be assured of getting good support and staying, pretty much for as long as you desire.  Not so much anymore with recent government changes where many entire departments have been axed due to budget cuts.  So job security is now not too dissimilar anywhere, in either the Public Service or the Private Sector.

The requirements are usually very different, and they want applications specifically the way they have stipulated.  However sometimes they may use similar wording to the private sector in what they want, and therefore it can get confusing when applying for both types of jobs.

When applying for a government job, usually you’ll find that addressing selection criteria is part of the application process.  It has become mainstream for most Government departments and now also for some private companies. This process is thought to be a more comprehensive selection tool to find the most suitable candidates to interview.

As far as the interview goes, no two job interviews are the same.  Whether that’s because of the number of people interviewing at the interview, where the interview is conducted, how experienced the interviewer is, or how many interviews an employer wants to conduct before making a decision.

There are however some similarities in the way the Public Service interviews are conducted. And to maximise your chances, you need to prepare the right way for how the public service interviews are conducted and for how private sector interviews are conducted.

Trying to use the same strategy for both types of job interviews will quickly bring you undone and you will miss out because of your lack of cultural fit.

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