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Downsizing or restructuring?  This can be very traumatic for the affected employees, some may even be angry about their situation and start spreading negative word about your business.  This negative word will cost you money.

Our Employee Assistance Program will dramatically minimise the possibility of redundant staff departing unhappy, in fact they are more likely to leave happy!

Our program achieves this through:

  • Providing alternate career paths
  • Guidance on how and where to find a new careers/jobs
  • Equip the affected staff with the skills to be able to apply and win new jobs

The benefits to your organisation will be:

  • Demonstrating genuine concern for the future of redundant employees will improve your public image from both corporate and ex-employees.
  • Greater staff retention through demonstrated leadership of managing both essential and non-essential staff.
  • Increased morale of retained staff.
  • Ensure you remain an employer of choice for new staff.
  • Value for money through a proven and personalised service.


To enquire about how our tailored Employee Assistance Services can meet your needs please call us on 1300 730 766 or use the form below and we will be in contact with you ASAP.

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